Portronics Soundpot portable speaker review

The Indian electronics brand “Portronics” with its low cost & wide range of audio products and peripherals has brought a revolution in the electronics industry. Its executive range of audio products is well accepted among buyers who have tight budgets. One of Portronics most liked product is its wireless Soundpot speaker which is small and extremely affordable. Let’s find out in our review is it really worth to invest for a simple wireless mobile speakers?

Design and specifications:

The Soundpot portable speaker is elegantly designed in a cylindrical shape and has a rubberised premium finish. There is only one flick switch on the bottom to control the power. Its Bluetooth option is always in pairing mode and automatically pairs up with a previously connected Bluetooth device. At the back side of the speaker, there is a USB port for charging, a 3.5mm socket for wired audio connectivity and an LED indicator to indicate that speaker is switched on. There is no sound controller on the speaker, hence volume will be adjusted by the source device. The battery last for 3 to 4 hours when fully charged which is not that good but yes great for its range.

Features and benefits:

Easy to carry: The portronics Bluetooth speaker is designed to deliver the next level of comfort. It is small in size, convenient and can be carried anywhere to listen to music.  

Can be paired with two devices at the same time: With Soundpot wireless speakers there is no chance of any restrictions. You can connect two devices with this portable speaker without any connectivity issue.

Compact size: The fascinating feature is its firm design which is absolutely lightweight yet excellent in output. The device is ultraportable that you can carry anywhere in your pocket.

Bluetooth: Soundpot has a high Bluetooth range of approx 10m leveraging you with the comfort of playing music from anywhere.

Battery: Soundpot Bluetooth speaker has a Lithium-ion battery that comes with an internal rechargeable trait for a long-lasting charge to the portable device. To charge the speaker, a micro USB cable is provided with the system. Users don’t need to worry if they suspect the battery being dead, they just need to recharge the device several times in a day, and it is good to use again.

Conclusion: If you are having a low budget and don’t want to invest much in a Bluetooth speaker, then yes, Soundpot portable speaker is one of the best gadgets to buy for you.

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