5 myths about headphones that are not true

In the past few years, we have seen an explosion in the popularity of headphones. Almost everyone has an earphone or headphone with them. Unsurprisingly, many companies have leapt into the market and escalating this never-ending competition. Despite this tremendous competition, some myths persist there when it comes to many aspects of headphones. Here we are detailing some of them, have a look:

Myth #1: All Bluetooth headphones sound same:

Not true in any way! The difference between sound quality is easily discernible by anyone. In most of the cases, the difference is not quite observable, but it is pretty rare. Even the sound quality differs in many like-priced headphones. Check headphones with some best tracks and find the difference on your own.

Myth #2: The more the price, the better the sound:

It is the most common refrain that spending more money brings better sound. But this is always not the case. Usually, it happens but “usually” doesn’t mean “always”. There are cases when amazingly designed expensive Bluetooth headphones that don’t sound good, but a poorly designed cheap headphone, on the other hand, sounds amazing. In such cases spending more gets you less.

Myth #3: Same headphone fits every ear:

Not! Everyone’s ear is different. They are much like your fingerprints, size and shape are always different.  Hence a headphone that is liked by many reviewers might not fit your ears, So no point of buying it. Since if it doesn’t fit your ears, you might not get the sound it is designed to provide.

Myth #4: It impacts your hearing capability:

This is the most common myth that using headphones distort one’s hearing capability. Your ears are prone to damage due to the long exposure to loud sound. But the damage is not due to your type of earphone or headphone; it depends upon the intensity of sound frequency you keep while hearing the music.

Myth #5:  Noise cancelling remove all noise:

When we look for features in a headphone, we focus on noise cancellation thinking that a headphone with noise cancellation feature will cancel down all the outside noise. But this is not entirely true.  It will not eliminate all the noise in your background especially when there is extreme loud sound in your surrounding. The noise cancelling feature mostly reduce low-frequency music and droning noises like engine, wind and road noise. But it doesn’t do anything for voices like a baby crying.

So if you also have thoughts like this about buying a headphone, then these points are satisfactory enough to convince you for a gadget to buy.  

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