4 quick tips to charge your Android phones faster

Keeping your smartphone all backed up with power is an all-too-common first world problem and it becomes even worse when you are travelling. Long days in transit and out to explore a new city makes your battery icon start flashing down even before you know it. Extensive use of your device for entertainment or navigation makes it run out of power just when you need it the most. Charging your phone beforehand is the obvious solution to the problem but refuelling your phone’s lithium battery is not that speedy as you think.

But the good news is that you don’t need to accept a slow Android smartphone anymore as here you will find some quick tips to charge your device faster and to increase your old phone’s performance. Let’s find the details below:

Enable Airplane mode:

Network signal is the biggest thing that drains your smartphone’s battery. The slower your signal is, the faster your battery goes off. So if you are living in an area of poor network connectivity, charging your phone will take more than expected. The quick solution for this is to keep your phone in airplane mode before you plug it in. Researchers show that this will increase your charging speed by 25 percent.

Make use of wall chargers:

When in hurry always charge from wall chargers that come packaged with your gadgets in India. These official wall chargers have stronger amp output that refuels your device’s battery faster than the USB ports on your laptop and computers. We know it is most convenient to charge your phone from your laptop’s USB port but it significantly slows down your charging time and can take hours to juice in your phone from empty to fully charged. So it’s simple, a wall charger approved by your phone manufacturer is the best choice to charge your phone quickly.

Get an external battery pack:

Alternatively, you can also invest in external battery packs for emergencies when you can’t get to a power outlet. They can charge much faster than the smartphone or laptops you are connecting them with. Good external batteries and android charging cables are priced differently depending on their capacity and capabilities. They are a good option to make sure you are not left with a dead device on those long days when you need it the most.

Avoid wireless charging:

Here we are not going to criticize wireless chargers, however, they entail fewer charging cables and that is for sure we are looking for in near future. But if charging quickly is your number one priority then you should avoid them. Wireless chargers offer relatively slow charging experience as compared to their wired counterparts.

Well, all these tips are designated to help you get some extra juice for your android smartphone when the time is a factor but don’t practice them on a daily basis. Ultimately, slow and steady charging is better for a long-term battery life of your android smartphone.

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