5 myths about headphones that are not true

In the past few years, we have seen an explosion in the popularity of headphones. Almost everyone has an earphone or headphone with them. Unsurprisingly, many companies have leapt into the market and escalating this never-ending competition. Despite this tremendous competition, some myths persist there when it comes to many aspects of headphones. Here we are detailing some of them, have a look: Continue reading “5 myths about headphones that are not true”

5 reasons why you need a Bluetooth speaker

Modern technology is all about convenience. And you can’t get much more convenient than being able to take your music wherever you go. After mobile phones, laptops and iPads, bluetooth speakers are the next amazing thing that has taken the experience of music-listening to a whole new level. The best part is they are not much expensive and have appealing looks. These amazing portable speakers have many benefits to offer and have become one of the most favorite gadgets to buy in India and all around the globe. Here are some of the key advantages of having a bluetooth speaker:

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Top 5 gadgets to buy with your Android phone

Today’s modern age is all digital and smartphones are quite common there. With so many smartphone companies in the market, they are getting even better each passing day. Android and Apple are the two big names in the smartphone industry providing some great hardware and operating systems able to feature thousands of amazing apps. So in one line, smartphones come with a great package these days. And you can make them even smarter with various accessories available for them. However, there are some accessories which are designed specifically for some smartphones and there are some that work well with all the smartphones. Continue reading “Top 5 gadgets to buy with your Android phone”

5 things to consider before buying bluetooth headphones

With less clutter and more convenience, the popularity of wireless audio devices is only growing. Among many useful products of wireless technology, one mostly used device is Bluetooth headphones. The time of having a long wire that only comes in your way is a thing of past today. Wireless headphones are the next booming thing. So if you are looking to purchase headphones, here are some helpful tips to make your decision worth expenditure. Just don’t go after the first pair you see and you like the colour of, consider these points well before purchasing gadgets in India:

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4 quick tips to charge your Android phones faster

Keeping your smartphone all backed up with power is an all-too-common first world problem and it becomes even worse when you are travelling. Long days in transit and out to explore a new city makes your battery icon start flashing down even before you know it. Extensive use of your device for entertainment or navigation makes it run out of power just when you need it the most. Charging your phone beforehand is the obvious solution to the problem but refuelling your phone’s lithium battery is not that speedy as you think.

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Portronics Soundpot portable speaker review

The Indian electronics brand “Portronics” with its low cost & wide range of audio products and peripherals has brought a revolution in the electronics industry. Its executive range of audio products is well accepted among buyers who have tight budgets. One of Portronics most liked product is its wireless Soundpot speaker which is small and extremely affordable. Let’s find out in our review is it really worth to invest for a simple wireless mobile speakers? Continue reading “Portronics Soundpot portable speaker review”